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Hard Requitals

“Hard Requitals” is a Horror/Thriller film about two men coming to grips with a shared dark past. But will this encounter be the death of them? Definition of REQUITAL. 1. : something given in return, compensation, or retaliation. 2. : the act or action of requiting : the state of being requited.

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Me myself and I

A young lady has unexpected discovery that can be possibly life changing. Starring Meosha Bean Written by Kinte Fergerson Cinematography & Directed Meosha Bean

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Two Minutes: To Live

A man must fight for his life as he is being held against his will. Will he survive or will he die?

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Black Artists Connected: Los Angeles

A documentary that focuses on Black Artists that live and work in Los Angeles.

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The Moments After

When a rookie gets his first taste of his new professional lifestyle, he allows things to go way too far. Knowing that a local reporter who interviewed him and his girlfriend may have witnessed his infidelity, he must accept the fact that he has betrayed the one person who loved him unconditionally and supported his dream of playing pro ball both financially and emotionally.

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Playhouse Productions is a production company based out of Los Angeles, California founded by Kinte Fergerson. The focus of this company is to produced Film and web based programming.

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Kinte Fergerson

Founder and chief content creator
Kinte Fergerson is a Radio host, Writer, Producer and Film maker. Fergerson also is the owner of Playhouse Productions a film production company as well as Indy Showcase which produces web content. Under Indyshowcase is the radio arm Indy Radio. Indy Radio. is the home for many podcasts such as: Art Beat, The Spotlight, Spotlight: Hollywood Edition, Talking about Walkers: The Walking Dead Podcast, Men & Women Talk: The Mars/Venus Show and much more.

Meosha Bean

Cinematographer & content creator
Meosha Bean is a award winning actress, filmmaker. Voted best upcoming director in 2012 at the New Jersey film festival.Started filming and acting since age of 7 years old. After attending acting and modeling school She then went to do feature films, music videos and promotional work. Owner of M.V.B Films which was established in 2003. Her projects includes Dark Rises (2013) that has all star cast. Miss Pepper short film (2013), that has gained almost 30,000 views in 1 week upon release.
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