Hard Requitals Casting Call



  • Manny Mitchel (1st Lead)
  • Doctor Felix Harrison (2nd Lead)
  • Mrs. Harrison (seen only)
  • Linda (Voice On telephone)
  • Coffee Shop Employee
  • Police Officer

Manny Mitchel (1st Lead) [Gender: Male] [Age 30 – 35] [Race: African American]

Manny just got out of a long stint in prison.  While in prison he has become very demented and hell bent on revenge.  Manny is very smart and driven to get revenge.


Doctor Felix Harrison (2nd Lead) [Gender: Male] [Age 50 – 60] [Race: Caucasian]

Doctor Felix Harrison is a court appointed psychiatrist.  He is very smart and considers himself a liberal person.  He is married to the love of his life and really loves his job.


Mrs. Harrison [Gender: Female] [Age 45 – 55] [Race: Caucasian]

(she has no lines) Mrs Harrison is the wife of Dr. Harrison and she is a nurse. Mrs. Harrison is seen mostly through pictures and a death scene


Linda (Voice On telephone) [Gender: Female] [Age 25 – 45] [Race: does not matter]

Linda is the secretary of Dr. Harrison


Coffee Shop Employee [Gender: Male] [Age 20 – 35] [Race: does not matter]

(small part) takes an order at coffee shop


Police Officer [Gender: Male] [Age: does not matter] [Race: does not matter]

(small part) approaches the 2 leads looking for a missing little girl in the park

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