Hard Requitals Press Kit

Press Kit

Playhouse Productions & M.V.B. Films


“Hard Requitals”

A Short Film directed by Meosha Bean

Hard Requitals background poster


“Hard Requitals” is a Horror/Thriller film about two men coming to grips with a shared dark past. But will this encounter be the death of them?

Definition of REQUITAL. 1. : something given in return, compensation, or retaliation. 2. : the act or action of requiting : the state of being requited.



Music: Peaches Chrenko

Sound Editing: Grant Simmons  

Produced & Screenplay adaptation:  Kinte Fergerson

Written by Mefune Akira (from 2010 animated film “Hard Requitals”)

Editor & Director: Meosha Bean




Richy B. Jacobs Manny Mitchel

Mark E. Ridley Doctor Felix Harrison

Rachel Kylian Mrs. Harrison

Theresa T. King Christine

Jeffrey Tymich Police Detective

Shai G. Linda (Voice Only)

Kenneth M. Wyrick Customer #2

Lam Customer #3

Kinte Fergerson Motorist

Meosha Bean Mrs. Harrison (Stunt Double)


Director’s Bio

Director Meosha BeanMeosha Bean is a award winning actress,filmmaker. Started filming and acting since age of 7 years old. After attending acting and modeling school Meosha went to do feature films,music videos and promotional work. Meosha is the owner of M.V.B Films which was established in 2003. Her projects includes Dark Rises that has all star cast. Miss Pepper short film 2013, that has gained almost 30,000 views in 1 week upon release. Too Close To Home her first documentary project, that is based on true events,which is available on amazon.  Meosha has work with many people in the business and indie talents. Among them she worked with the

legendary pro boxer Roy Jones Jr, legend in the game singer Keyshia Cole, Dale Resteghini music video/director,Designer and artist Ron Bass who has made clothes worn by Beyonce and Jay Z. Music sensation Chris Brown. The king of rock Billy Idol and many more

website — Meoshabean.com


Film Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDXnEs8Qkzo

Email: indyshowcasebooking@gmail.com

Website: http://playhousepro.com/hardrequitals/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HardRequitals  


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